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we enable intelligent healthcare management

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e-medical records

one-click patient history

improve patient care and safety with one-click access to all medical records. convenience of anytime-anywhere-access. safe data storage and recovery systems.


stops prescription drug errors

e-prescribing eliminates unreadable/ handwriting errors, and gives physicians access to a patient’s prescription history to reduce the chance of the wrong drug being dispensed.


medication inventory optimisation

our e-pharmacy systems enable safe and efficient management of medication inventory i.e. keep medication inventory records current and accurate, allowing huge reduction in inventory levels.

e-scheduling 24x7

no more missing appointments

automatically send email/text/phone appointment reminders, resulting in easy practice management and improved patient experience.


reduce test ordering & billing errors

our e-lab systems enable reports to be more complete, consistent, accurate with improved timelines, allowing physicians to focus on delivering better patient care.

e-payment & billing

safely, efficiently, seamlessly

receiving, checking, allocating and paying paper bills, creates significant work for your accounts department. with our e-payment & billing systems you can speed up the entire billing process, reduces costs and improves data quality.